As we near harvest during this challenging year, many conversations are centering around what yields are going to be for the current crop and what decisions need to be made in looking towards 2020. September 1st is the lease termination deadline so 2020 lease conversations should have taken place.

                  When working with tenants to draft a new lease, we like to have a few tools in the toolbox such as the Iowa State University Farm Rental Rate Survey in addition to updated farm maps including CSR2 values. While these are only a few tools we use, they provide a great place to start the conversation on establishing the new lease. Other items to keep in mind are soil fertility of the farm and any projects that may need to be completed to help improve the farmland you own. With uncertainty of global ag commodity markets, discussing the Market Facilitation Programs and the role of marketing plans are also key items to talk about. These conversations are not always the easiest that landowners and tenants have, but we have found that through communication and collaboration, agreeable lease terms can be found.

                We are happy to visit at no cost with landowners who may have questions while they are trying to navigate through settling on a new lease with tenants. There are many different options landowners have in the type of lease you choose, it all depends on the individual situation.